Dupuytren’s Disease

Dupuytren’s Contracture Surgery

Surgery for this condition is only indicated for people who experience significant disability. Surgery is not necessarily a permanent solution for Dupuytren’s contracture as it may recur in the same spot or in other places on your hand. There are, however, several surgeries to treat this condition based on the degree of contracture and your hand anatomy. Your surgeon may use a needle or a scalpel to sever the cords of tissue under the skin. These surgeries are called needle aponeurotomy or subcutaneous fasciotomy, respectively. Dr. Dehghan may remove as much of the diseased tissue as he can with a partial fasciectomy. Another option is to completely remove the tissue on the palm of the hand (complete fasciectomy). Sometimes, the surgeon will use skin from another part of your body to replace the excised skin. In these cases, this operation is known as a complete fasciectomy with a skin graft. Talk to Dr. Dehghan about what surgery, if any, is best for your Dupuytren’s contracture.