What’s in your syringe?

Lately I have answered several phone calls for patients inquiring on BOTOX pricing. They have asked; “How much do you sell your BOTOX for?”. To which I respond; “$12.50 a unit”. Then they ask; “What’s a unit?”. Come to find out, these patients are buying their BOTOX by the syringe. So I ask them; “How many units did your injector put into the syringe?”.  I typically get the response; “I don’t know”.

I’m stirred to blog about this because a syringe can hold 2.5 units to 25 units at “full”. Once BOTOX has been put into a syringe and it’s not used, it has to be thrown away.   I personally alternate between 10 units to 25 units.

10 units will cost me $125.   25 units will cost $312.50.

I honestly do not want to pay for product I don’t need.  So, please ask your injector “how many units are in that syringe?”.

Dr. Dehghan will only use the amount you need; therefore you only pay for what you need.

Also, we do offer Military and Healthcare professional discounts on injections. Don’t forget to mention it!! 🙂8146241e124705896613503