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Tender Thoughts

I just want everyone in the office to know that you are so appreciated for the amazing care I received while getting ready for, and during, and after my breast reduction surgery.  I know how blessed we are to be in this country where you can get a life changing surgery by capable, caring and […]

August 14, 2017

Dr. Dehghan and staff, The experience I had at your office is by far the best experience of any Doctor visits I have ever had. The staff made me comfortable as soon as I entered the office and I felt you truly cared!  Dr. Dehghan has a great personality and you can tell his staff […]

What makes a good Plastic Surgeon?

I’m reviewing patient satisfaction forms we have received over the year. (Yes, they really do get read.) It’s interesting to see our patient’s opinions put into words. “Words” like, “excellent, nice, happy, listens, informative, great experience, fair price, satisfied, comfortable, background, amazing job, I’m hot, nice staff” all have been used more often than not when Dr. Dehghan’s patients […]

What’s in your syringe?

Lately I have answered several phone calls for patients inquiring on BOTOX pricing. They have asked; “How much do you sell your BOTOX for?”. To which I respond; “$12.50 a unit”. Then they ask; “What’s a unit?”. Come to find out, these patients are buying their BOTOX by the syringe. So I ask them; “How […]

Ear Reconstruction and Gauge Repair

Have you thought about Gauge Repair?  Is it is possible? What could you expect the results to be or what are the costs?  Lately we have seen a few cases that should be shared.  So yes, it is definitely possible.  Dr. Dehghan can work with the tissue of your ear to reconstruct a whole and intact earlobe.  […]