Do You Want To Improve Your Face Without Surgery?

Did you know that in less than 1 hour you can take years off your face with injectible fillers? There is still time to look younger before the New Year!

The non-surgical Facelift is often called the “Lunchtime or Liquid Lift.” Regardless of what it’s called, the end result is the same… a younger, more youthfull and refreshed look by using injectibles such as Radiesse and Dysport (created to fill in lines and wrinkles). These liquid lifts are a good option for the right person.

Smiling faces photo

Many women and men are chosing facial rejuvenation because it offers no down time, you can return right back to work, and is often a more affordable solution to take before going under the knife. While most people start to see the signs of aging around their mid 30’s-40’s, there is also a large number of younger people who are concerned with looking tired, worn out or older than they are who are turning to an easy and quick solution to their problem.

But remember, fillers are temporary and not a replacement for surgery!

Fillers can fill in lines, wrinkles, add volume and definition but they can not remove excess skin, tighten the skin or offer long term results.

Fillers are often injected to multiple areas such as:

  • Under the eyes to minimize bags
  • Between the eyes and forehead to smooth out lines
  • Crows feet
  • Sides of the forehead to enhance your profile
  • Jawline/Chin
  • Smile lines
  • Plump up lips and lines around the mouth

If you love your new, younger, more refreshed look then for most people, the results can last for (on average) 9-12 months, and if you are not happy with your appearance for some reason then the benefit is that dermal fillers and injectibles such as Radiesse and Dysport are not permanent, and you have not done something to your face that is irreversible.

Call the office to set up your appointment to meet with Dr. Dehgahn to find out how you can start the new year looking better than before!