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Savefacephoto5Your skin is alive: Exfoliate and Stimulate it to keep a younger, healthy glow…

Taking Care of Your Skin is the First Step to a Youthful Appearance…

Artistic Plastic Surgery offers a wide variety of supervised skin care programs and products including Micro Needling, Facials, Waxing, Medical Grade Exfoliation and Chemical Peels. Such programs and treatments can enhance and prolong the result of your cosmetic surgery, or offer a non-surgical alternative to improve skin texture and tone. Chemical Peels can even improve the fine lines that plastic surgery alone cannot eliminate.

We are pleased to offer the following services to our patients:


  • Dermal-Planning
  • Micro-Needling
  • Microdermabrasion
  • SkinMedica Rejuvenize, Illuminze and Vitalize Peels
  • OBAGI Blue Peel and RADIANCE Chemical Peel
  • TCA Chemical Peel: 6%, 8% or 10%
  • Epionce sal-e: Salicylic Peel
  • Epionce mal-e: Malic Peel
  • Milia Extractions
  • Electrolysis (white/grey hairs)
  • High Frequency for Bruising or Breakouts
  • The most Amazing Brow Arch or Brow Wax!
  • Lash and Brow Tinting
  • Custom Facial Service
  • Breakout Emergency
  • EcoFin Hand Treatments
  • Facial Waxing
  • Venus Freeze
  • Laser Hair Removal

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Replenish Volume. Restore Collagen. Refresh You.

Ideal wrinkle reduction is achieved by replenishing your skin’s lost volume. Upon injection, RADIESSE® Volumizing Filler immediately provides the volume and lift needed to diminish the signs of aging because of the calcium-based microspheres and gel that comprise the product. But what’s unique about RADIESSE Volumizing Filler is that it acts as a scaffold under the skin, providing structure and stimulating your own natural collagen to grow. This process continues for several months, which extends the initial effect of RADIESSE Volumizing Filler. Best of all, the natural results are clinically proven to last a year or more in many patients, which is why more and more cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and other medical professionals are choosing RADIESSE Volumizing Filler to achieve long-lasting facial rejuvenation.

Treatments typically take 15 minutes and require only local anesthetic. Side effects such as swelling or bruising are minimal and should fade within a few days. Results are visible immediately after the injection and can last for one year, although the procedure can be repeated as often as you wish.

Why choose RADIESSE Volumizing Filler?

  • It is the only filler that immediately replenishes lost volume and stimulates the production of your own natural collagen for long-lasting results
  • It is clinically proven to last a year or more in many patients
  • RADIESSE patients are significantly more satisfied than patients treated with other leading wrinkle fillers3,4
  • It is FDA approved to mix with lidocaine to significantly reduce injection related pain5
  • Treatment with RADIESSE Volumizing Filler is quick, comfortable and convenient, with immediately visible, long-lasting results. Experience what millions worldwide have and begin your journey towards a naturally, more refreshed you today.



botox photoYou laugh. You frown. You concentrate. And over time, those expressions leave their mark upon your face. Until today, there wasn’t a lot you could do about it. But today there’s BOTOX® Cosmetic. A simple, non-surgical procedure that can dramatically reduce even your toughest wrinkle within days. One ten-minute treatment, a few tiny injections, relaxes the muscles between your brows that cause lines to form. And keeps them relaxed up to four months.

This simple, safe procedure takes about 10 minutes and can be performed in your doctor’s office. Since the procedure is non-surgical, no recovery time is needed. After a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment, you can get back to work or other activities right away.

The Botox® Cosmetic Treatment Visualizer allows you to see how Botox® Cosmetic can help you achieve the natural look you want.


Juvéderm® AND Juvéderm VOLUMA XC

Juvéderm® is an injectable gel that gently reverses many signs of aging in the face, including fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, thinning lips and loosening skin. It can also “plump up” the lips, sculpt the cheeks, and restore a youthful oval shape to the face. It is made with hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body that works with collagen and elastin to give volume and support to the skin. Because it is non-animal-based and highly biocompatible, no pre-treatment testing is needed. Juvéderm® comes in three formulas optimized for the depth of the area being treated. Results last about 6-9 months and can be made to last even longer with a simple follow-up treatment a few weeks after the initial injection.

The JUVÉDERM® Visualizer allows you to see how JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel can help you achieve the natural look you want.

Juvéderm VOLUMA XC is the first FDA-approved injectable gel to instantly add volume to your cheek area to correct age-related volume loss in adults over the age of 21.  It can provide you contour and subtle lift for up to two years with optimal treatment.

Treatment Visualizer



skin results photoApproved by the FDA, Restylane is designed to match your skin, smoothing wrinkles, sculpting lips or shaping facial contours. With its unique ability to bind with water, Restylane is able to perform for many months in your skin. The most common areas for a Restylane treatment are the glabellar lines (between the eyebrows) and the nasolabial folds (from the root of the nose to the angle of your mouth). Restylane is the first and only FDA-approved dermal filler for the lips in patients over 21 year.  When used for lip augmentation or facial contouring, Restylane will add definition and fullness to the area. Restylane is able to create volume under your wrinkles, which are then lifted up and smoothed out.

Since no pre-testing is required, a Restylane treatment can be performed almost immediately. It usually takes about 30 minutes depending on the type of correction you want. Most people find the injections relatively painless, but a topical anesthetic can be applied to the area prior to your treatment. You will be able to see the results as soon as your treatment is completed.

Longer Eyelashes


Full, natural-looking eyelashes can now be achieved through a prescription treatment called Latisse™. Latisse is the first and only eyelash treatment approved by the FDA to help grow longer, fuller and darker eyelashes and treat hypotrichosis, a condition that includes having inadequate or not enough eyelashes.

Latisse contains bimatoprost, an active ingredient that improves the appearance of your lashes and is often found in glaucoma medication. While the precise science of the treatment is not known, research suggests that the number of hairs and duration of the growth process are increased by bimatoprost.

Latisse™ Website


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Post-Peel Kit Available $30 + tax

Chemical peels improve the overall appearance of your facial skin by removing the damaged outer layer, and as a result, facial blemishes, wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation are virtually eliminated. A variety of peeling agents and formulations can be used, but the most consistent and commonly used agents are alphahydroxy acids (AHAs), trichloroacetic acid (TCA), and phenol.

skin peel results photoAlphahydroxy acids (AHAs), such as glycolic, lactic, or fruit acids are the mildest of the peel formulas and produce light peels. These types of peels can provide smoother, brighter-looking skin for people who can’t spare the time to recover from a phenol or TCA peel. AHA peels may be used to treat fine wrinkling, areas of dryness, uneven pigmentation and acne. Various concentrations of an AHA may be applied weekly or at longer intervals to obtain the best result. An alphahydroxy acid, such as glycolic acid, can also be mixed with a facial wash or cream in lesser concentrations as part of a daily skin-care regimen to improve the skin’s texture.

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) can be used in concentrations of 20% or 35% and is most commonly used for medium to deep peeling. Fine surface wrinkles, superficial blemishes and pigment problems are commonly treated with TCA. The results of TCA peel are usually less dramatic and not as long-lasting as those of a phenol peel, but the recovery time is significantly shorter.

Phenol is the strongest of the chemical solutions and produces the deepest peel. It is used mainly to treat deep facial wrinkles, areas of blotchy or damaged skin caused by sun exposure, or pre-cancerous growths. Since phenol sometimes lightens the treated areas, your skin pigmentation may be a determining factor as to whether or not this is an appropriate treatment for you.