How To Find The “Right” Cosmetic Surgeon For You!

If you have been considering having cosmetic surgery, or done any research you have probably heard that you need to find a doctor who is board certified. But what does this really mean?

Finishing medical school does not automatically qualify a surgeon to become board certified. They still have some very significant hurdles to accomplish before they can claim this certification. Once medical school is finished a doctor can apply for a state license to practice medicine. This is a different process from board certification.

Any surgeon wanting to become board certified has to spend a specified time in practice, demonstrating surgical quality, and passing extremely comprehensive written and oral exams.

Becoming a plastic surgeon requires 6-8 years of training beyond finishing medical school.

Because medicine is so complicated, all doctors can’t know everything, this is why they go into specialties so they can focus on narrower areas of medicine and surgery.

Here are some steps that you can take to find the right surgeon for you!

Check Board Certification

A doctor’s board-certification is the best indicator of his or her training in a particular medical or surgical specialty. Look for certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), the only Board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) to certify doctors in the specialty of plastic surgery.

Dr. Dehghan is certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

Check ASPS Membership

ASPS membership ensures that a doctor is, not only ABPS-certified (in Canada certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada), but also has significant experience in cosmetic surgery. To ensure that the doctor is a member, visit their website.

Dr. Dehghan is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Dehghan is also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS).

The American College of Surgeons is a scientific and educational association of surgeons that was founded in 1913 to improve the quality of care for the surgical patient by setting high standards for surgical education and practice.

Check Facility Accreditation

Cosmetic surgery can safely be performed in a hospital, a surgical center or an office-based surgical facility: Current published data show that accredited office-based facilities have a safety record comparable to that of hospital ambulatory surgery settings. However, the majority of office-based surgical facilities are not accredited. Another advantage of selecting an ASPS member is that all ASPS surgeons operate in accredited, state-licensed or Medicare-certified facilities.

Our Ambulatory Surgical Center is certified by AAAASF, as well as by the State of Washington

Check Hospital Privileges

Before granting operating privileges, hospital review committees evaluate a surgeon’s training and competency for specific procedures. Wherever the surgery will be performed, be sure that the surgeon has operating privileges in an accredited hospital for the same procedure being considered.

Dr. Dehghan has privileges at Allenmore, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Tacoma General and Group Health Hospitals

Check Reliable Sources

Asking a patient’s primary care doctor for recommendations is a good place to start, and friends may offer suggestions; but the surgeon’s board-certification should always be verified independently by contacting the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Free referral information to board-certified plastic surgeons with significant experience in cosmetic surgery can be found on Find-a-Surgeon. ASPS’ web site, also offers extensive information about cosmetic surgical procedures.

Over half of our patients are from former patient referrals as well as other Physicians.

Check Thoroughness

The consultation is an important opportunity for questions to be asked and answered. It should include a candid discussion of risks as well as benefits of the surgery. A thorough consultation also involves a review of medical history including any existing medical conditions. All these factors help the surgeon to custom-tailor the operation to best meet the needs of each patient.

Check Rapport

Even the most experienced surgeon is not the “right” surgeon for every patient. Any successful relationship depends on good communication. Patient satisfaction is enhanced when surgeon and patient candidly discuss goals, agree on realistic expectations, and plan the course of the surgical journey together.

Check Experience

Experienced aesthetic plastic surgeons generally perform a wide range of cosmetic surgeries on a regular basis. Patients should ask about the surgeon’s experience with the particular procedure being considered. If considering a “new” technique or technology, patients should inquire whether results substantiating safety and effectiveness have been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Dr. Dehghan has been in practice as a board certified plastic surgeon for 12 years.

Check Follow-up Care

Good surgical care does not end with the surgery. Patients should inquire about follow-up visits and about the doctor’s policies should surgical revisions be necessary.

Dr. Dehghan will see you for your post surgical follow ups for each surgery that he performs. He will also get you in as soon as possible if you have any concerns.

Check Cost

Keep in mind that costs may vary considerably depending on geographic region, surgeon experience and individual patient factors. Not all patients can be treated with the same technique, and the complexity and length of surgery affect cost. Patients should note that cosmetic surgery usually is not covered by insurance.

Thank you in advance for considering Artistic Plastic Surgery Center for your choice for cosmetic Surgery!