Breast Augmentation Recovery Period

I want a New Look by Summer!

Now that you have made your mind up to your breast augmentation procedure you will need to decide upon a time period that is best for your schedule. You should take into account if you are planning a trip, going to have to return to work or if you are wanting your new look to be perfect for a special occasion. Luckily for you, most recovery periods for a breast augmentation procedure is very quick. But since times do vary for person to person you and Dr. Dehghan can decide when it is okay to resume all your normal activities. Most women return to work within a few days and fully return to all regular activities after four to six weeks. For stenuous activities, just check in with your surgeon and a rule of thumb is: If you are not comfortable, don’t do it!

For picking your perfect time, please take into account that directly after your surgery your new breast will be much higher on your chest than what will be their final new beautiful position. This is due in part from swelling from the procedure and that your implants require a little time to settle into the breast pocket. In some occasions women may have a minor amount of discoloration from the surgery either redness or a little bit of bruising. If you are planning a vacation to the beach or lake, you may want to schedule your surgery a little sooner rather than later towards the summer. This will give you plenty of time for recovery and give you time to be completely bathing-suite ready.