Breast Augmentation Incisions: Which One Is Right For You?

When it comes to Breast Augmentation, you have choices in regards to what type of incision you want to use. Sometimes a patient will have a strong preference for one specific incision, but ultimately, your surgeon will be your best guide when it comes to the pros and cons of the incision that is specifically right for you.

 There are many factors that go into choosing your incision, some of these include:

  • Your current breast size, and shape
  • How much larger you want to be
  • What type of implant you want (Saline or Silicone)
  • Medical history, or health issues and concerns

breast incision lines illustration


There are three main incisions used in Breast Augmentation: The Inframammary (the fold under the breast), Periarealor (nipple incision), and Transaxillary (or armpit). Each incision site has its own set of pros and cons and are around the same length (silicone implants need a slightly longer incision).

The Inframammary incision hides nicely in the fold (or crease) under your breast, and is typically not visible while you are upright. This incision allows the doctor the most control over placement of the implant, with the least amount of disruption to existing breast tissue.

This incision works for almost all breast shapes.

The Periarealor incision goes along the areola complex, which is the pigmented area on the breast around the nipple. This is a nice incision if a person heals normally, and has a darker areola because the incision blends nicely in the transition from the paler skin of the breast to the arealor complex. This is also a good incision for women who do not have a fold under their breast.

If you heal poorly for any reason, this incision may not be a good match for your anatomy.

The Transaxillary incision is the incision that goes through the armpit. The biggest benefit to this incision is that there is no scar on the breast, and if you know you scar heavy or if you have had healing issues in the past, and don’t want to risk bad scarring on the breast this incision might be right for you.

Take note!  Other factors to consider with this incision!

The armpit incision is also the most visible to the outside world when you wear sleeveless clothing, bathing suits, or raise your arms. No other breast augmentation incision is visible when clothed.

If you choose this incision also consider the fact that by going through the armpit, it is the longest distance for the implant to “drop” to where it needs to be, and in the event a revision surgery is necessary you often can’t go back through the original incision site on the armpit resulting in a new incision and scar on the breast.

You can go through the same scar when having a revision with the other two locations.

Regardless of which incision is used, the scars take time to lighten in color and fade, but there will still always be a scar that might be visible.

It is important to rely on your surgeon’s expertise, keep your expectations realistic for your anatomy, and chances are, you will get the results you are seeking!